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DIVES MED - QPeel Calm Masks - post-treatment mask 3 x 35ml

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DIVES MED - QPeel Calm Masks

After Treatment Calm Masks 3 x 35ml


Cooling S.O.S post-treatment mask of hydrolyzed collagen matrix with strong soothing effect

and excellent regenerative properties.

QPeel Mask is a hydrogel of natural collagen, enriched with hyaluronic acid, seaweed extracts and plant extracts. The use of natural collagen, accelerates the process of regeneration and cellular reconstruction of the skin, and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. The addition of hyaluronic acid ensures optimal hydration of tissues, and plant extracts have an additional conditioning effect.

The rich but extremely safe composition is free of parabens, preservatives and skin irritants, which makes it QPeel Mask perfectly tolerated even by hyper-sensitive skin. With its cooling capabilities, the mask provides instant soothing, reducing burning and restoring comfort to irritated skin.

Thanks to its unique three-dimensional structure, it adheres perfectly to the skin, creating an ultra-hydrating occlusion that promotes the active diffusion of the multicomponent mixture of active substances. Its unique technology and design guarantees maximum effectiveness and an express S.O.S effect for the skin.

The mask is particularly dedicated to immediate restoration and calming of the skin after aesthetic medicine and cosmetic procedures, as well as for strong anti-age revitalization treatments.



Effects of application:

  • acceleration of skin regeneration and auto-renewal
  • reduction of burning and redness of the skin
  • soothing irritations
  • restoration of the balance of the skin's hydrolipidic mantle
  • improvement of skin hydration and hydrodynamics
  • stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis

Indications for use:

  • Non-invasive skin care treatments
  • After aesthetic medicine treatments such as:
  • Needle and micro-needle mesotherapy
  • Chemical peelings
  • Laser therapy
  • Fillers
  • Other invasive and skin irritating treatments
  • Optimize and enhance the effects after treatments with DIVES Med peel. QPeel.


Active ingredients:

Hydrolyzed collagen - stimulates the renewal and regeneration process, deeply moisturizes and firms, is one of the strongest substances with firming effects

Hyaluronic acid - intensively moisturizes and counteracts aging, regulates repair processes

Chondrus Crispus algae powder - forms a film on the skin, which reduces transepidermal water loss and strengthens the hydrolipidic layer of the skin. It facilitates even distribution of active ingredients on the skin.

Algin - has an occlusive and film-forming effect

Centella Asiatica alga extract - increases collagen I synthesis, improves skin elasticity and firmness. Accelerates healing, soothes burns

Japanese knotweed root extract - antioxidant, soothes inflammation, nutrient, astringent and antibacterial, regulates skin microcirculation.

Baikal thyroid root extract - Exhibits very strong anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and anti-allergenic effects. Stimulates cells to regenerate and stimulates collagen and elastin. It is a tyrosinase inhibitor and prevents post-inflammatory skin discoloration.

Green tea leaf extract - has antibacterial, antiseptic, cooling and protective effects. Soothes burns, accelerates healing, reduces inflammation and normalizes the sebaceous glands

Liquorice root extract - Has anti-inflammatory effects- reduces itching and soothes irritation. Brightens spots and discoloration, evens skin tone.

Chamomile extract - Has anti-inflammatory effects, soothes irritation, redness and itching of the skin.


Directions for use:

Chill the mask in the refrigerator for 2 hours before use.

Apply to cleansed skin. Lay the gel side on the face according to the anatomical cutouts, then remove the outer protective coating. Leave on for 15-20minutes, and then remove.

We recommend the mask as a complement to QPeel peel therapy.

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