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Hyaluronic acid content:

Lidocaine content:

Particle size:


Length of effect:
7-9 months



Depth of implantation:
labial redness



Indications (implantation sites):
- correction of medium and deep wrinkles
- filling of nasolabial furrows
- leveling marionette lines
- lip modeling
- lifting the corners of the mouth




Maximum volume effect and ideal plasticity

The patented Hy-BRID technology is based on the use of exceptionally long and stable chains of hyaluronic acid, whose concentration is invariably 24mg/ml. The difference between the different variants lies only in the size of the molecule used. This ensures optimal plasticity of the acid, ease of injection, long-lasting effect and excellent volume.

Safety and excellent tolerability

The exceptional safety and maximum tolerability of the application, are due to the use of only hyaluronic acid that meets pharmaceutical standards and its rigorous purification from the crosslinking agent BDDE, which is below the detection level. As a result, the treatment is devoid of the risk of allergic or immunogenic reactions or permanent swelling.

Comfort of use and smoothness of injection

The ease and precision of injection is due to the exceptional plasticity and excellent rheological properties of the product. In addition, the ergonomically designed syringe handle allows even pressure distribution during injection to ensure accurate and smooth delivery.

High comfort of the procedure

The content of anesthetic lidocaine (0.3%) and thin-walled needles significantly reduces pain and increases the comfort of the procedure. The insertion process is virtually painless, and the spreading in the tissues is imperceptible.

Global quality control standard




A filler for the correction of deep wrinkles and facial volumetry.


ULTRA VOLUME LIDOCAINE is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid-based filler gel designed for soft tissue volume restoration or enhancement and facial volumetrics. Dedicated to modeling the nasal dorsum, chin shape, contouring the zygomatic line and mandible. It allows to restore the correct proportions and shape of the face.

Despite containing particles with the largest size of 900 μm and high volumetric capacity, it retains its plasticity and rheological properties, providing a deformation-resistant and comfortable injectable filler product. Thanks to its content of the anesthetic lidocaine, the procedure is extremely comfortable and the spreading in the tissues is hardly felt.

The highest quality and safety of DIVES MED ULTRA LIDOCAINE is confirmed by the international quality certificates ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, as well as the European medical certificate CE2195, issued by the Emergo Europe authority based in the Netherlands.


The Hy-BRID patent is a revolutionary technology for the production of hyaluronic acid-based fillers, pioneering a solution for optimizing the plasticity of products while maintaining stable and long-lasting results. Traditional filler products suffer from the limitations of volume instability and lack of precision in achieving the desired effects due to the use of particles of varying sizes. Hy-BRID brings an innovative solution, redefining new standards in rejuvenation and appearance enhancement.

One of the key strengths of Hy-BRID technology is the achievement of optimal density of hyaluronic acid and particles of uniform size. This allows us to create products that not only have impressive viscoelasticity, but also uniform absorption. The optimal density guarantees the stability of the effect, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance treatments.

The ability to produce particles of uniform size is key to the naturalness of the effect. The hyaluronic acid particles are precisely calibrated to adapt perfectly to different areas of the face, from fine wrinkles to areas of volume loss. As a result, the effect is always


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